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soccer world newsAll companies are subject to DOT audits, which is why we offer a DOT Mock Audit Service. This service provides a great snapshot of your company’s current safety, compliance, and risk exposures. Our DOT mock audit will be conducted in the same matter as an FMCSA auditor.

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atltico san luis vs quertaroAll companies are subject to audits.  Our Mock Audit Service will provide a great snapshot of your company’s current safety & compliance and risk exposures.  Our DOT mock audit will be conducted in the same matter as an FMCSA auditor.

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How do we perform this service?
Would you like a Mock DOT Audit?

white tennis shoes womens leatherIn a similar fashion to FMCSA, your CNS DOT Audit Specialist will reach out to collect basic information such as a Driver and Vehicle Lists as well as a DOT Pin #. The general information supplied creates the framework for your operation. Upon the day of the audit, the auditor will be looking over the following areas but not limited to

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tennis bracelet or cartier loveOur DOT Audit Specialist will conduct a full audit of your company, reviewing MCS-90, Drug Consortium Documents, Driver Qualification Files, policies and procedures, company handbook, electronic logs or paper logs, hours of service reporting, fuel receipts, toll receipts, BOL’s, payroll information, vehicle maintenance files, accident-related documents, and HAZMAT Documents (if applicable).

live football premier leagueOur DOT Audit Specialist will type of a report based on the exposures and violations discovered. The report will explain the issue as well as suggest new processes to maintain compliance.

villa victoria volleyballIf there are violations leading to potential fines, your DOT Audit Specialist will provide a “Notice of Claim” using same formulas as FMCSA to determine severity and costs associated.

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